Drawing Now
The Albertina Defines the Current Status Quo of Drawing

Forty years ago, the Drawing Now exhibition was presented at New York’s MoMA and the Albertina in Vienna. The show documented how Minimal and Concept artists pushed ahead the autonomy of drawing as a medium. With Drawing Now: 2015, the Albertina picks up on this trailblazing show, offering an analysis of the state of drawing today. Since the Deutsche Bank Collection was established, drawing has been one of its main focuses, and artists in the collection, including Silvia Bächli, Michaël Borremans, Amy Cutler, and Julie Mehretu, are among the 36 positions on view in Vienna.

The spectrum of Drawing Now: 2015 ranges from David Shrigley’s reduced, comic-like animations to conceptual works by Tacita Dean and Andrea Bower’s politically involved photorealistic drawings of anti-war demonstrations. Nikolaus Gansterer views drawing as a performative act, while Monika Grzymala stretches kilometers of black tape for her spatial interventions, transferring the line to three dimensions. For the exhibition, “drawings” were even made on the museum’s façade: with orange belts Rainer Prohaska accentuates architectural elements of the Albertina Palace – an intervention that can also be viewed as legal Street Art. In any case, Drawing an Orange Line indicates that drawings have long conquered the streets.

Drawing Now: 2015
5/29/2015 – 10/11/2015
Albertina, Vienna