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"Creative Tripwiring"
Magne Furuholmen on the Absurd Universe of Apparatjik

Art band, interdisciplinary collective, or experimental platform? Whatever the case, Apparatjik consists of real stars on the music scene. Guy Berryman is bassist with Coldplay, Jonas Bjerre singer and guitarist with the Danish band Mew, Magne Furuholmen plays keyboard with A-ha. The project is made complete by producer Martin Terefe. In the framework of Globe, Apparatjik will present its program "Sustaining Creativity Creating Sustainability" in the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt. Afterwards, the group will perform in Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie with its "Apparatjik Light Space Modulator." The event is sponsored by Deutsche Bank. Achim Drucks questioned Magne Furuholmen about the wonderful world of Apparatjik. Upon request on the part of the eYe-on committee, the interview is published in the authentic Apparatjik orthography.

How did Apparatjik come into being? And what is your mission?

our mission is not clear. when something is not clear one can easily get confused.
hence causing confusion is an excellent, perhaps even the best strategy when something is not clear.
we see ourselvs in mirrors. but we also see oursleves as harbingers of the rapidly approaching adhocracy.

apparatjik came into being somewhere between choice and circumstance, blind interaction and dedicated desire. much like most carbon-based life.
the mother of apparatjik was a cross-dressing visual artist and the father a celebrated musician. we took the offspring and subjected it to scientific experimentation,
modifying the genetic structures to become more adaptable and receptive.

Is Apparatjik a military organization or the 10 CC of the 21st century?

we think that if there was more military precision in 10CC, and more 10CC in the military, both would be better places to be!

in this universe, apparatjik is chiefly a conduit for creative tripwiring: first you find out how a thing works, then you break it. all children learn this way. all adults too.

Apparatjik contributed to a charity album for Survival International, an organization that campaigns for the rights of indigenous tribal peoples. How important are human rights and ecological issues for Apparatjik?

we did this because we thought we would get paid well. it is a fact that in some parallel universe, all charity goes directly to us. having realized our initial mistake, we continued anyway as the idea of the opposite being the case was new and intriguing to us. human rights and ecological issues are important to all humans. also to animals. there is a lot of love and pity for humans in the animal world.

What does it take to be an Apparatjik?

an OUTLAND:344#ZV899.4c release-form and a willingness to interact without preconception. you too can be an apparatjik.

The cube you perform in is inspired by the visual experiments of László Moholy-Nagy and his legendary Light-Space Modulator created in 1930. Should we consider László Moholy-Nagy as the prototype for an Apparatjik?

originals become more original with every interpretation and adaption done.
in this perspective you could say that on the contrary apparatjik is part of the prototype for moholy-nagy's originality. but in general we see things that we can use, and we steal them - without this principle, no pop-music, no fashion, no art, no fun.

in another universe, lazlo is inside the cube with us. in this one we take his teachings to those who are not yet converted. in our version of the light space modulator people in the audience are the moving objects.

How is Apparatjik influenced by Modernism and Bauhaus?

bauhaus is a shop, a place to buy materials, to realize an idea.
it is also an ancient german wisdom on how to blend and use different ideas, and turn these into new material.
(humans please note that these two variants of the bauhaus concept cannot be found in the same place!!)

apparatjik learns from history. in this way we are unique.
at the centre of it is the idea of transgressing border-discipline. some borders are invisible and no passport will do. these are the borders that interest us.
think of an ice cream with vanilla and mackerel taste. once you taste the thought you are close. if you eat it, you are borderline. probably also very disciplined.

How do you develop the visuals for your performances?

we do everything ourselves. but the definition of 'ourselves' is open to interpretation. oftentimes ourselves means 4 apparatjiks approved by the eye-on committee, other times new apparatjiks contribute in ways we could not foresee.
we are not ruled by any laws...but dogmas, oh plenty yes!

In March you will present the Apparatjik Light Space Modulator at the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin; there will also be a special interactive composition performed in collaboration with the Deutsches Kammerorchester. Can you tell us something about this project?

this project is an example of something simple turned infintely complex. from a singular cell a fantastic organism has evolved.
like all things generative, the result is not given until it is revealed in all its developed glory. we need the deutsche kammerorchester to achieve this.

the installation is a simple game of genetics: you interact, and at the end there is a result.
during the interaction you don’t know the rules or what the results will be. but don't worry!
it’s like playing football for the first time; you score a goal the wrong way, but it’s still fun.
the size of the cathedral is in cruel contrast to apparatjik’s internal organs. we had to make ourselves 8 times bigger to achieve the intended plot.
once we managed to do this we understood what went through mies van der rohe's mind. this is our tribute to his mind made of steel and glass.

You have already performed at the Serpentine Gallery. What do art institutions love about Apparatjik?

secretly, i think art institutions love sound organized in 4/4 meter, approximately 120 beats per minute.

art insitutions examine themselves through what is on display.
when people have come to expect the unexpected, the expected becomes the new.
like everything else we are a fragment of a whole. if we gave away the whole, you would not like it very much.
we have also been put inside other types of institutions, some of which were extremely difficult to be released from.

You also take part in Globe, the event programme to celebrate the opening of the new art installment in the Deutsche Bank Towers. What is Apparatjik planning for Frankfurt?

we’ ve been told that this is an 'artcafé'. the outland has no café culture, so our main worry is how many coffe-beans to distribute per unit.

in addition to coffee and ZIM 3010, there will be films, discussions, and perhaps discussions about the films.

also there will be monologues about relations between things that grow and other things that grow; like ideas and trees.
and there will be music
and there will be food
and there will be film (see above)
and there will also be some interesting people there we think.

You have invited very diverse guests for Globe – from curator Ute Meta Bauer, Head of the M.I.T. Program in Art, Culture and Technology to the TV presenter and adventurer Bruce Parry. What is their relation to the world of Apparatjik?

ute meta bauer is the world-champion of connecting the unconnectable. she is also a conduit for creative tripwiring.
bruce parry is not coming. someone from survival international is coming in his place. like an alternative bruce parry. perhaps even a better parry.

diversity is key, not only to the world eco-system, but also to the microcosm of this type of event. without diversity, there is no globe. excuse the pun. difference of opinion makes horse-racing possible.

on behalf of apparatjik
magne a

this message is approved by the eYe-on committee.

Apparatjik: Sustaining Creativity Creating Sustainability
March 2–4, 2011
Deutsche Bank Towers
Taunusanlage 12
Frankfurt am Main

The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator
March 13 – 27, 2011
Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin
Performances: March 12, 26, 27. 9 pm
The project is supported by Deutsche Bank.

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