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Excavations in Regent's Park
The Highlights of the Frieze Art Fair 2010

Art bicycles circle around Regent's Park in London, Bridget Riley and Wolfgang Tillmans discuss their works, the popular American band Hercules and Love Affair gives one of its rare concerts-even the events program showes why the Frieze Art Fair is considered to be the most exciting fair for contemporary art worldwide. The latest run of Frieze, which Deutsche Bank has been the main sponsor of for seven consecutive years now, boastes more participants than ever before: 173 galleries from 29 countries show works by 1,000 artists. A strong presence of American and European art is joined by numerous galleries from the emerging art scenes in Asia and South America. This global focus also characterizes the art presentation in the Deutsche Bank Lounge, which primarily showes new acquisitions from the modernized Deutsche Bank towers in Frankfurt. From Neo Rauch and Zwelethu Mthethwa to Cao Fei-the focus is on young international art that investigates current social themes. The declared goal of both the fair organizers and Deutsche Bank is to make contemporary art accessible to a wider public. For this reason, the bank once again supportes Frieze Education-a program for kids and teens developed in close collaboration with the Royal College of Art. Workshops, guided tours, and lectures offer the possibility to discover contemporary art fearlessly. For the first time, Deutsche Bank uses the fair to introduce its "Artist of the Year" 2011. And ArtMag is also present with its own press stand.

Frieze Projects demonstrates that Frieze Art Fair is not merely about sales, but also thematic content. This year, they concentrate on performance works that directly involve the public. For instance, Spartacus Chetwynd puts on an absurd game show, while Jeffrey Vallance invites the public to a podium discussion with icons from art history: Leonardo da Vinci, Jackson Pollock, and Frida Kahlo are channeled through psychic mediums and asked about current developments on the art market. Frozen, the project by Simon Fujiwara, winner of the Cartier Award, lookes back into the past. The British-Japanese artist turnes the fair into an archaeological excavation site. Fujiwara searches for a lost city that supposedly lays beneath the tents in Regent's Park and exhibites artifacts found in the ground there. There is also something especially for outdoor enthusiasts this year: Gavin Turk has created 15 art bicycles that will be available to ride around the inner circle of Regent’s Park. Visitors are invited to explore the Frieze sculpture park, where works by Hans Peter Feldmann, Ceal Floyer, and Jeppe Hein are on view.

Frieze Art Fair
14-17 October 2010
Regent's Park, London

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