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International Guest Artists at the Villa Romana

Along with the nine fellows, international guest artists will also be working at the Villa Romana again in 2010. The renowned artists' house, which has been sponsored by Deutsche Bank since the 1920s, has invited Irish photographer Bahman Jalali and Greek artist Eleni Kamma to realize new projects in Florence. The two were selected by the Iranian artist Nasrin Tabatabai, who lives in Rotterdam. Bahman Jalali has been documenting everyday life in his country since the 1970s. His photographs of the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq war have become famous. In her drawings, models, and video animations, Eleni Kamma investigates possibilities for a future architecture.

In addition, Anna Molska, winner of the first artist's grant of the 2009 Views Prize for Young Polish Art, will also be a guest at the villa. Views was initiated in 2003 by the Deutsche Bank Foundation, Deutsche Bank Polska, and the Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw. The aim of the award, which is given every two years, is to support young artists and to fortify the artistic infrastructure in Poland. In her performances, Anna Molska investigates the cultural conditions of artistic production. Thus, in the heroic ballet Tanagram (2006–2007), she reflects the influence of Soviet propaganda and Russian Suprematism on the Polish avant-garde. Anna Molska took part in the 2009 exhibition Younger Than Jesus at the New Museum, New York, and in the Berlin Biennale in 2008.

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