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Bergischer Kunstpreis
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Isa Genzken at the Whitechapel Gallery
Carsten Nicolai’s Sculpture for Tokyo
Early Netherlandish Painting Currently in Berlin


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Deutsche Bank’s Bergischer Kunstpreis Awarded to
Heike Kabisch

It was an odd scene: five identical white figures seated beneath a garland of lights—hybrid beings with childlike bodies and the heads of grown women. Oh my Lord, I am so bored is the title Heike Kabisch gave to her sculpture, which Deutsche Bank has awarded this year’s Bergischer Kunstpreis.

"Kabisch lends form to human dreams and creates imaginary places that attract and unsettle the viewer and defy all clear interpretation." This was how the jury explained its decision in favor of the 1978-born master student of Katharina Fritsch. From the more than 350 applicants to the Bergischer Kunstpreis, the jury selected 13 artists now introduced at the Museum Baden in Solingen. In the words of Friedhelm Hütte, Global Head Art, Deutsche Bank, "The high quality of the works of contemporary art shown at the 63rd Bergische Kunstausstellung reflects the outstanding level of the regional art scene, which accords with international standards. This explains why the Bergische Kunstausstellung has become a renowned show of emerging talent that draws more than just museum and gallery people to Solingen each year to discover young art. The show has long since developed into a magnet for visitors from well beyond the region."

63rd Bergische Kunstausstellung
6/18 – 8/30/2009
Museum Baden, Solingen

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