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The Pain Runs Deep
Deutsche Bank Supports Exhibition in the Opelvillen

Doubt, loss, grief—these are some of the feelings explored in the exhibition Der Schmerz sitzt tief (The pain runs deep) at the Opelvillen in Rüsselsheim. Over 100 works on paper, photographs, and videos by nine international artists approach the subject matter in a variety of ways. Some explore the differences between pain felt by oneself and pain felt by others; others question painful experiences of cultural identity, for instance Ellen Gallagher, whose series De Luxe (2004/5) investigates the oppression of blacks in the US. Like many other works on view, De Luxe is part of the Deutsche Bank Collection. The corporate collection also contributes works by Julie Mehretu, Kara Walker, and Miwa Yanagi, who will be representing Japan at this year’s 53rd Venice Biennale. Deutsche Bank has long been one of the sponsors of the Opelvillen and sponsored the show Klang im Bild there in 2007.

Der Schmerz sitzt tief
2/18 – 5/17/2009
Opelvillen Rüsselsheim

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