Neighbors & Friends
Words of welcome for the opening of the PalaisPopulaire

New neighbors, longtime companions, cultural policymakers, partners, and friends of the house are all looking forward to Deutsche Bank’s new forum for Art, Culture & Sports.

Monika Grütters
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

The PalaisPopulaire of Deutsche Bank in the former Prinzessinnenpalais enriches the new old center of Berlin. As a forum for art and culture, it reflects our selfimage as a cultural nation. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Deutsche Bank for this undertaking.

Klaus Lederer
Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Culture and Europe

When it comes to culture, Berlin cannot be rich enough. The PalaisPopulaire will definitely enrich and inspire the city. I’m happy that children, young people, and school classes will have free admission— that is a good contribution to participation and cultural education.

Hermann Parzinger
President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Berlin

Welcome to Mitte! Along with the State Library, as well as the Museum Island and its collections at the Humboldt Forum, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is integrating the PalaisPopulaire, as it were, and looking forward to a new, inspiring partner.

Maria Balshaw
Director, Tate, London

Many congratulations to Deutsche Bank, one of Tate’s longstanding corporate partners, on the opening of a spectacular new gallery for Berlin and for art lovers around the world.

Mathias Döpfner
Döpfner Collection, Berlin

As the landlord of the building I am of course biased. Yet I am convinced that Deutsche Bank has created a new gem in the heart of Berlin that enriches the unique art and museum landscape at the intersection of the streams of visitors between the Palace and the Brandenburg Gate, and between the Gendarmenmarkt and the Museum Island. The concept is popular but not populist, magnificent but not ostentatious. I am simply delighted.

Philipp Demandt
Director Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main

A longstanding partnership connects the Städel Museum and Deutsche Bank. We are therefore all the more pleased that with the PalaisPopulaire after Frankfurt now Berlin too will benefit from this extraordinary commitment to art.

Julia Stoschek
Art Collector, Berlin

Independent, free art is more important than ever before. Every platform that ensures artists’s unlimited freedom is an enrichment of our city. I am looking forward to a place of encounters and discourse about art and beyond.

Matthias Schulz
Intendant, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin

That the impressive art collection of Deutsche Bank is now being showcased in our immediate neighborhood is a tremendous enrichment for us, for green Bebelplatz, for the new historic center of Berlin, and far beyond. Here’s to good neighborly relations, to wonderful exhibitions featuring great artists with all kinds of styles, and to visitors with wide-ranging interests!

Victoria Siddall
Director, Frieze Masters, London

Deutsche Bank has a rich history of supporting and engaging with contemporary art, particularly in Berlin, where thousands of artists live and work and hundreds of galleries and museums make the city one of the great cultural capitals. I am excited to see what they will do there next. Their collection is extraordinary and wide-ranging so I am really happy they are opening this up to the public, alongside a fantastically diverse program of events, which will engage new audiences with art and culture.

Christian Boros
Boros Collection, Berlin

I welcome every private initiative in Berlin. The city needs people and companies that really make a difference, so that the city can move forward. Unlike Frankfurt and Hamburg, Berlin does not yet have a tradition of strong civic involvement in art. So it is great news that Deutsche Bank is expanding its activities in the city.

Nico Hofmann
CEO, UFA, Potsdam

Places of cultural commitment are more important than ever for the preservation and development of an open society. I am looking forward to inspiring and productive encounters at the new Palais- Populaire created by Deutsche Bank in the heart of Berlin.

Wilfried Kuehn
Architect, Kuehn Malvezzi, Berlin

The Palais was meant to be an intersection through which, like the architecture of the building, opposites are combined in a special way. With the Schinkel Pavillon the Palais can become a hub of the contemporary in the surround of the Museum Island.